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At George Hill Orchards, children will learn all about the friends and enemies of the apples trees in our one of a kind Apple Tree Theater where they are the stars of the show! For the littlest farmers, our Tree-mendous maze offers an educational adventure that seeks to discover who Farmer Hill's best orchard friend is - but better be careful to avoid some not so apple-friendly critters along the way! 

Mid-October brings the most vibrant new England colors to the orchard, and with them our cider season! Our interactive cider press program allows students to learn the process of making cider from picking the apples all the way through to the press. Each student ends the day with apples and a pint of cider to take home! 

2019 Date and Price Information

September 17-20 (Over 10% off for early season bookings!)

This is the optimal time to book your preschool educational field trip, since the apples are plentiful and easy to reach.** Early season discounts apply.

$3.95 1/4 Peck and Theater
$3.95 1/4 Peck and Tree-mendous Maze

Sept. 24-27, October 1-4

This is peak season when apples are abundant.**
Call early to reserve these dates because they fill up quickly.

$4.50 1/4 Peck and Theater
$4.50 1/4 Peck and Tree-mendous Maze

October 8-11, 15-18, 22-25

Our cider season begins. Fall colors are at their peak, making this the most beautiful time for your class field trip. Apples are still available on the trees although they may be more difficult to find on the lower branches to accommodate young children.**

$4.50 1/4 Peck and Theater
$4.50 1/4 Peck and Tree-mendous Maze
$5.50 Cider Pressing and Theater

October 29-31, November 1 (Over 10% off for late season bookings!)

This is the main cider season, producing the best tasting cider. Apples canno be guaranteed on the trees but will be available in bulk bins if necessary.** We recommend our cider program during these dates; however, if you cannot come at any other time and still wish to participate in the Apple Tree Theater/Apple-Picking program, it will run through the end of the season.

$3.90 1/4 Peck and Theater
$3.90 1/4 Peck and Tree-mendous Maze
$4.60 Cider Pressing and Theater  

Pumpkin Picking (Call for dates) 

Includes sugar pumpkin or gourds, hay ride to and from pumpkin patch, glass of cider and a cider donut.

Also available in each time period:

$ .45 Cup of Cider
$ .55 Cider Donut

For 1/2 peck of apples, add $2.50 to 1/4 peck program.

*Prices reflect cost per student. There is no charge for adults who do not pick fruit.
Adults wishing to participate in harvesting and the snack will be charged:

$3.00 1/4 peck of apples.
$4.50 1/2 peck of apples.
$ .45 cup of cider.
$ .55 cider donut.

**Quantities of apples available for picking may vary from year to year. As in all farming enterprises, weather plays a major role in determining the size of a crop. At times guests may need to harvest apples from bins rather than trees.

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